about seva

SEVA stands for Software E-commerce Value Added Services

Aims to reach and empower small businesses and individuals through a pioneering digital platform with a vision to fulfil the dream of a digitally enabled India.

SaaS for a SaaS

Sales as a Service – SAAS

Innovation & Software as a Service – SAAS

why seva

Opportunities with SEVA

S&D Network
‘Sales as a service for software as a service’ - in order to fill the gap of technological sales, SEVA has been established as a digital platform to help boost technology sales.
Vocal for Local
SEVA acts as a ‘Vocal for Local’ – a local platform to vocalize the voice of any new technological innovations or starts ups that are being created in India.


Innovators are the ones who introduce new technology in the market & they are the ones who understand the market requirement and invent new technologies.



A Saathi is someone who sells innovations to the right customer and generates more business for an innovator.


A variety of technological solutions will be offered to the customer based on his or her requirements.

Become a Saathi

SEVA provides earning, learning and community development opportunities to Saathi’s (Individuals) who are tech literate individuals, housewives, budding entrepreneurs or just about anyone seeking a job.

Become a Innovator

SEVA engages in promoting technology adoption for empaneled innovators who have developed technology to optimize business efficiency in the real world. Through SEVA, innovators get direct access to a flexible sales workforce that directly impacts the consumer market